El equipo médico de práctica familiar de Promise Community Health Center incluye cuatro profesionales, el Dr. Del Lassen, M.D., Director Médico, y las enfermeras practicantes registradas avanzadas, Tana Kass, Faith Schiltz, y Roleen Walgenbach.

El equipo también incluye enfermeras registradas y asistentes médicos e intérpretes para los pacientes hispanohablantes se integran como parte de cada equipo de proveedores.

Del Lassen, medical doctor

Dr. Del Lassen, MD – Medical Director

Tara Kass, advanced nurse practitioner

Tana Kass, ARNP

Emily Leinin, Accepting new patients at Promise Community Health Center in northwest Iowa

Emily Leinen, ARNP

Faith Schlitz, advanced registered nurse practitioner

Faith Schiltz, ARNP

Roleen Walgenbach, advanced registered nurse practitioner

Roleen Walgenbach, ARNP

Promise Community Health Center Family Practice Medical Team includes a Clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Kendra Borchers.

Promise Community Health Center in Sioux Center, Iowa | Federally Qualified Health Center serving northwest Iowa | Promise offers medical care, prenatal care, behavioral healthcare, population health care, health coaching as well as dental and vision care.

Dr. Kendra Borchers – PharmD

Promise Community Health Center Prenatal/OB team includes two certified nurse midwives, Belinda Lassen and Kari Ney, registered nurses and medical assistants and interpreters.

The midwifery team offers personal care tailored to you and your family throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your child. Our midwives are experienced providers in pregnancy and childbirth.

Audra De Groot, Accepting new patients at Promise Community Health Center in northwest Iowa

 Audra De Groot – CNM, ARNP

Belinda Lassen, certified nurse midwife

 Belinda Lassen – CNM, ARNP

Kari Ney, certified nurse midwife

Kari Ney – CNM, ARNP

Erica Robertson, RN – OB Coordinator

Promise Community Health Center Family Practice Medical Team also includes Melinda Scholten, Director of Clinical Services and Jenna Wynia the Infection Control Coordinator.

Melinda Scholten, RN – Director of Clinical Services

Jenna Wynia RN, BSN – Infection Control Coordinator

Promise Community Health Center Dental Team includes a full-time dentist, Dr. Kenneth Tjeerdsma, as well as full-time dental hygienist, Rebecca Hooyer. The team also consists of dental assistants and interpreters.

Kenneth Tjeerdsma, doctor of dental surgery

 Dr. Kenneth Tjeerdsma, DDS – Dental Director

Rebecca Hooyer, Dental hygienist

 Rebecca Hooyer, Dental Hygienist

Promise Community Health Center Behavioral Health Team includes a full-time therapist, Jo Thyr. Michelle Van Beek also translates and sets up appointments for our Behavioral Health patients.

Jo Thyr, Licensed Master Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Drugs Conselor

 Jo Thyr, LMSW – Behavioral Health Director / Therapist

Michelle van Beek, Certified Medical Interpreter

Michelle van Beek, B.A., CMI-Spanish – Behavioral Health Coordinator & Interpreting Services Coordinator

Promise Community Health Center Population Health Team consists of 4 team members. Steph Van Ruler is the Population Health Team Manager, Kim Davelaar, Amanda Rickard make up the Health Coach Nurses on the team and Ruth is our Patient Navigator.

Stephanie Van Ruler, population health team manager

 Stephanie Van Ruler – Population Health Team Manager

Kim Davelaar, health coach

Kim Davelaar, Nurse Health Coach

Amanda Rickard, nurse health coach

Amanda Rickard, Nurse Health Coach

Ruth Hernandez

Ruth Hernandez, Patient Navigator

Promise Community Health Center Vision Team includes two Optometrists from the Sioux Center area, Dr. Dan Clousing and Dr. Rees Beaver. Another member of our Vision Team assists and interprets.

Dan Clousing, optometrist

 Dr. Dan Clousing, OD

Rees Beaver, Optometrist

 Dr. Rees Beaver, OD

Fatima Arteaga, vision coordinator

Fatima Arteaga, Vision Coordinator



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